Universal Rating: 12+

Infestor is a game from Ravenous Games Inc., originally released 17th January, 2013


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Infestor Review

Infestor is a game that continues the iOS tradition of taking online flash type games and bringing them to your pocket. It also continues Ravenous Games’ tradition of making delightul and fun bite-sized games that you can play and put down after a few minutes. Infestor is a cute little game, with a strong concept that makes for a fun diversion.

In Infestor you play as a little alien blob that is basically a biological weapon, trying to make its way through the human controlled world. Each level has Infestor going through a series of traps and mazes and fighting enemies to get himself to a pipe at the end. But being a slow, limbless globule has its limitations, and Infestor needs some help getting around. Thankfully, being a sentient weapon also has its advantages.

Infestor has the ability to take over the the humans he comes into contact with by jumping into their bodies, and each human has different abilities for Infestor to take advantage of. Just like there’s an app for everything, there’s a human for Infestor’s needs as well. Need to jump high? There’s a human for that. Need to push some crates around? There’s an unwilling victim for that. Need a weapon to fight off the other violent humans and robots roaming around? Well, there’s a hapless person for that as well. Figuring out which human to use to get past certain obstacles in order to reach that precious, precious pipe is the key component to being successful in Infestor, and it’s a heck of a lot of fun sussing it all out.

Infestor has a few problems that make it not as enjoyable as it could be, and the biggest problem is the controls. The buttons are hard to see, and you can’t rearrange them or change the transparency. This causes problems as it’s very easy to accidentally pop yourself out of whatever human you’re using, or miss a jump. Also, when you take over a human with a weapon you gain another button for firing, and it’s very inconveniently placed. We also noticed that when pushing crates we would tend to get stuck on them.

The background graphics also never change and you’re forced to listen to the same music over and over again. And with 60 levels, that’s a whole lot of the same thing. The game boasts iCloud saves, but for us it didn’t seem to work. We also noticed we were getting the same achievements over and over again, even after we had already accomplished them. And even though the levels are fun to play through, the game is also a little too easy.

However, the game’s few shortcomings don’t really detract from the fun you’ll have playing Infestor. The concept is a lot of fun, the levels are cleverly designed, and the graphics have that charming old school feel that Ravenous is known for. As it stands, Infestor is good. But with a few tweaks it could be great.