Infect Them All HD

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Infect Them All was #1 role playing game in 24 countries including USA,UK,Canada,Australia and now HD for iPAD!

“Infect Them All HD may be a simple game, but turning scores of people into brain-hungry undead is surprisingly fun and addictive. If you’ve got a spare $0.99, I highly suggest investing in this game.” –

Infect Them All HD is a game that can make zombie world by infecting and eating people.
You can enjoy this game with easy and simple control.
Experience a fast-paced action with flood of zombies!


– 5 types of playable zombies
– 23 types of enemies
– Huge battle shows more than 200 units simultaneously
– 7 abilities which can be upgraded with 30 levels
– 50 stages of Normal campaign modes
– Infinite stages of Infinite campaign modes
– Survival mode aims for how long you can survive
– Blitz mode, in which you have to gain scores as much as you can within limited time.
– Game Center/Openfeint highscore and achievements
– Support two ways of control: Tilt and D-pad
– Original sound and voice
– Outstanding Artwork.
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