Incy Wincy Spider – Attack of the Flies

- All Incy wants to do is to spend a nice day relaxing on his web. Unfortunately his web is being attacked by a swarm of flies.
– Incy’s task is to rid his web of all the flies at the same time avoiding the other insects that are out to ruin his day.
– Complete each level by filling Incy’s Fly Meter.
– Be mindful that Incy is only big enough to tackle Ants and Flys. He must avoid any other creature at all costs.
– Watch out for the Ants. If the Ants reach the middle of Incy’s web they will start to eat it depleting the Web Meter.
– An extra Incy is awarded every 5000 points. 5 life maximum.
– If Incy’s Web Meter or number of lives reach zero…….it’s Game Over!

– Optimised for both retina and non retina displays.

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