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iMusic Puzzle is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: iMusic Puzzle

In some ways, music could be described as a complex puzzle. Each instrument, sound, and lyric connects together to form a piece of art. I-play took this interpretation much more literally in iMusic Puzzle, however, and it turns out to be surprisingly fun.

iMusic Puzzle is made up of three games based around randomly selected clips of music from your device. The shuffle, or main game, involves placing sound tiles in the correct order in under three minutes so they form a section of the song. You can listen to the clip and switch songs prior to starting the level, which is great since not every song works well in this context. As you progress through the game, extra clips that do not belong begin to pop up, which adds to the challenge.

A happily confused music-lover.

The other puzzle types appear after every few rounds of the shuffle game. Memory is primarily a ‘find the match’ game using sounds. Drop is a bit more original, dropping clips from a couple of songs onto the screen that must be dragged to the right area. This mode does drag on a bit too long, however.

For players who want to create puzzles out of any song at their leisure, there is a quick play mode. This is great for shorter sessions or playing that latest hits without hoping it will pop up in the randomized shuffle mode. OpenFeint leaderboards make this game even more appealing, although they are a little skewed, as some songs are easier than others by nature.

Listen up: If you want a new way to interact with your music, iMusic Puzzle is an casual option that is easy to enjoy.