iMommy Lite

★★★★★ from ParentingExtra Magazine! (IR)
★★★★★ from Meritime Mom Blog! (US)
★★★★☆ from Smart Apps For Kids! (NE)

Basic Instructions:
-To change babies gender use the BLUE arrow at the top left of the screen in whatever room you are in and keep using it until you get back to the babies selection screen.
-To change babies name on birth certificate just touch the birth certificate and then touch the name and it turns yellow then touch again and the keyboard appears.
HAVE FUN!  Email me with any questions

This is the LITE version of iMommy, a fun and cute game for Kids of all ages!

23rd Sep 2011

“If my granddaughter enjoys this as much as I have for the last 15 or 20 minutes I will know I have purchased a winner. I know she will love it, she is two. I look forward to more rooms, etc. But it is quite excellent “as is”. -Mellow Rose

4th Sep 2011

“Great game, great graphics, great interactive activities. Love it, my baby sister and even nephews love it. Bring in more options I reckon”. -ROCer93

28th Aug 2011

“My 6 year old has been playing it nonstop….” -KneMik

iMommy app for iPhone is an absolutely one of a kind game invented by a mom for moms!

Designed specifically for kids ages 2-10

Cozy design, educative and interactive character of the iMommy game will be a fun and useful entertainment for kids and provide valuable minutes of rest for their mothers!

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Have Fun :)


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