iMobsters Code Booster

Become an iMobsters expert and promote your code to masses of players waiting to add you.

“Within days of using the Code Booster apps I had MASSES of invites to accept.5 Stars” – JamesK

“This app makes it so easy to add people, it even copies the code for you and remembers what codes you’ve added so you don’t add them twice. Awesome.” – Benj


* Most active database of codes on the net, with thousands online daily
* No random codes! Shows exactly how old a code is, so you can be sure to add codes of ACTIVE users who will add you
* Less spam – All codes are validated
* View up to 1000 codes at once
* We feature powerful players who are good to ally with. Powerful friends make a big difference!

* Don’t remember a thing! Automatically copies the code into the devices clipboard for you to add
* No other application offers this ability!

* On/Off switches to set a code to be added as you enter them into the game
* Never waste time adding a code twice again

* Add as many codes as you want
* Remembers your code, so no typing it over and over
* Bump your codes to the top of the list every hour
* Codes published automatically on and inside the iPhone and Android apps, giving a huge boost!
* Gets you INVITES the lazy way!

Download and get ahead in iMobsters today!

This application is 100% unofficial.

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