iMemoryChallenge for iPad

iMemory Challenge for iPad is a classic memory card-game that helps you improve your memory. You have to match all pair of cards, but you have to be quick, since the clock is ticking and you loose points while you delay. You earn extra bonus points according to how precise your reveal-selections are.

If a “lucky clover” is displayed on the pair you revealed, you have the chance to reveal the rest of the cards. But, try to memorize them as quickly as possible, since they will hide after a couple of seconds.

There are three (3) different difficulty levels according to your memory level. Ten (10) high scores of these difficulty levels, which include player’s name and time, are recorded. Challenge yourself for a better score, as well as your family and your friends.

Several card themes, which are built on hi-quality HD graphics, will make you love this addictive game and will help you keep your brain sharp.

• Retina display.
• iPad compatibility (including new iPad).
• Three (3) different difficulty levels: 12, 20 or 30 cards.
• Large number of random changing elegant card backgrounds and adorable card themes.
• Game Center integration.
• Smart scoring system.
• High score recording according to difficulty level.
• One or Two Player competitions.
• Ideal for all ages.

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