iMarksman Arcade

So you think you can shoot? Well take your best shot with iMarksman Arcade, exclusively available for iPhone and iPod Touch.

iMarksman Arcade is 2 games in 1 and combines the skill of marksmanship with fun. Take your pick between Duck Hunter and Carnival Shooter.

Duck Hunter offers a new twist to an old classic. Players use the accelerometer feature to aim and tap to fire at the ducks when they fly randomly across the screen. The more ducks you hit, the more the ducks will flock to the sky!

The carnival is always in town with Carnival Shooter. Players have the chance to shoot various targets moving on pinwheels. But be careful!! There are innocent bystanders on the pinwheels also and if you hit them, points will be deducted as penalty for your bad shots. You’ll have to be quick as you are accurate, because the clock is ticking!

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