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Imaginary Range is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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    Square Enix’s Imaginary Range Released

    Square Enix has just released the game book they announced a while ago, called Imaginary Range. Essentially, it’s a comic book with minigames thrown in. It’s a free app, so go ahead and download it if you’re into the whole manga thing. We’ve played a good chunk of the game book, so read on to find out what we’ve experienced so far.

    The comic starts off in Paris, where a giant mechanical spider (curiously, with an exposed organic brain) has come to spread mass destruction. The main characters are a sexy heroine with pants so low-cut that she always has plumber crack showing, and a cocky guy who has a device that lets him make anything he imagines into reality. The story starts in the middle of the action, and honestly we couldn’t make heads or tails of what was going on or why.

    As you read the comic, you’ll find collectible icons and pictures hidden in some of the comic panels. Minigames are also interspersed throughout the game book. These are all different, but one mimics Flight Control, another is a sniping game, and another is a hidden object game. There seems to be quite a variety of gameplay types accounted for here, which is cool. On the other hand, the minigames do break up the experience of reading a comic. Completing minigames also nets you coins, which can be spent to unlock new images in the gallery.

    For some reason, Imaginary Range was released both as a universal app, and as an iPad-only HD app. If you own an iPad, download the HD version, because the graphics are much more crisp. Running the universal version on an iPad just upscales the iPhone art, making it look muddy.

    So far we’re having fun with Imaginary Range, even if we can’t quite follow the story. At least there’s lots of action and destruction of famous landmarks. And the minigames are pretty decent. For a free app, that ain’t half bad.