Did you know?
FunWithWords is compatible with all ios 3.0 or above devices!

Do you love making stories with words? Then you will love FunWithWords! Now you can take your favorite game to go! If you like word games, you need this app! Now at a limited time price of just (1.99) FunWithWords is the [Insert Adjective Here] app ever! With a snappy interface, funny stories, and weekly updates, you can’t get a better app than this! Unlike other apps FunWithWords has plenty of stories to keep you happy, and more on the way with every update! So get it now at this low low low introductory price, or miss out on a great deal!!!

The second update to FunWithWords, v1.2, is packed with a host of new features that you do not want to miss out on! Version 1.2 includes a whole new page of stories, as well as a more robust ipad version. Stay tuned for more updates, as FunWithWords is continually updated!!

UPDATE: Until version 1.2, FunWithWords will be on sale for %50 OFF!!!

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