iLoreCraft – Guild Wars Edition

» 10/03/2012 – Add an item database–check it out, pretty awesome!
» 09/23/2012 – Added tooltip functionality.
» 09/16/2012 – Added a detailed section on achievements.
» 09/12/2012 – Now you can adjust the font size of any article by tapping on the title of the article.
» 09/12/2012 – Added another menu item to the crafting section for more detailed info on crafting recipes.
» 09/10/2012 – Added more to the lore and lit section for novels.
» 09/10/2012 – Added more selections to the music sampler.

From the creators of iLoreCraft—the top rated guide for World of Warcraft®—comes the reference for Guild Wars 2®! We’ve been waiting for what seems like 10 years for it to come out and it’s finally released! And we must say that it is friggin’ awesome. :)

This is the most advanced edition of iLoreCraft yet! Of course, you’ll get the lore and the storyline, but you’ll also get details on gameplay and mechanics. This edition will update itself as you use it online—not only for the latest info as it becomes available but also for offline use.

You can also share articles within the app with friends! We also added multimedia features for music, news content, wallpapers, and more!


» Lore, literature, short stories
» Krytan Translator
» Guild section to advertise or join
» Wallpapers
» Full search access to the GW2 Wiki
» Geography/Maps
» Class Builds
» Professions/Crafting/Dungeons/Trading Cards/PvP/PvE… ummm… pretty much everything. If you don’t see something you would like to have in the app just tell us and we’ll put it in.

As always, please email questions/comments/concerns to We are very responsive to feedback and questions so please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thanks and enjoy the game!

— The iLoreCraft team

*** This is an unofficial reference and is not associated, affiliated, or endorsed by ArenaNet®. ***

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