Enjoy creating custom layouts or filling out the templates provided. Once you have completed the design, don’t forget to add a nice border to it. When you are finished, press the Light Bulb, and watch your design light up. Why stop there? Save this layout to your photo album, send via email or even upload it to Facebook to show off your creation!

Pro Features:
1. Unlimited pegs.
2. Save creations to view/work on later.
3. Publish your creations to Facebook.

4. Save creations to your photo album.
5. Send creations via email.
6. Hide bucket, statusbar and toolbar.
7. Change peg location.
8. 5 new templates.

Also be sure to check out the official iLiteZ Facebook Fan Page and website ( for all the Latest News.

Want more? Submit any ideas you would like to see added in future releases.
*Support for iPhone or iPod Touch 4.2+

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