iLearn for Toddlers

iLearn for Toddlers – Great Educational Tool for ages 1+

Universal HD Application!! (iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone retina support)

Buy once and download for free onto your other iDevices!

With a simple intuitive interface iLearn4Tots has designed to capture, entertain and educate toddlers.

Each flashcard has a friendly voice announcement (US accent), animating picture and English title. The following flashcards are included:
- Shapes
- Colors
- Numbers
- Alphabet (New! Phonic and Letter Sounds)

We also provide interactive games to educate your toddler through a simple touch screen interface with friendly voice pointers. The interactive games include:

- Identification of Shape Size
Objective: Locate the biggest or smallest shape based on audio cue.
The shape, color and size are randomly selected.

- Identification of Shapes
Objective: Locate the which shape matches the audio cue.
The shapes are randomly positioned in four positions.

- Identification of Colors
Objective: Locate the object of color matching audio cue.
The color is randomly selected.

- Identification of Letters
Objective: Locate the letter matching phonic letter audio cue.
The upper and lower case letters are randomly positioned in three locations. On correct selection of letter a picture starting with that letter is shown.

Planned development:
- Additional Flashcard Content
- Additional Interactive Games
- Sticker Reward System
- Toddler Progress Tracking

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