“… a fantastic game that is extremely well done – and a ton of fun!” 9/10 Stars –App Girl Review

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iLandCars, is a 3D roaming racing game. It transports a player to memorable islands. When exploring these islands a player must collect relic stars to progress from island to island while firing missiles to destroy targets for bonus points. A player races against the clock to obtain all the stars. Use the environment including ramps, jumps, seesaws and obstacles to bust-out crazy flips, spins and twist for extra bonus points! Post your scores up and compete against yourself and your closest friends!

iLandCars Features:

• Free-Roam 3D Tracks loaded with more jumps, ramps, targets than you can shake a stick at
• 7 Stages, “Spiral Mountain”, “Egypt Bricks”, “French Arch”, “GreatWall”, “ArticFrost”, “SpiralMountain” and “SquareHills”
• 7 cars, “Big Blue Wheelie”, “Lil-Green Monster”, “Yellow Jack-et”, “OrangeBoxer”, “Pink-Pixie”, “WhiteWheelie” and “Red-Rocket”
• Master the game using Innovative directional touch-sensitive aiming of “Missile Attacks”
• Chuck and successfully land flips, twists and spins to increase bonus points
• Intuitive driving physics allowing player to actually drive by steering the iPhone

Note: Works Best on iPhone 3G(S) and 2nd Generation iPod Touch. Please note iLandCars works for all devices however, FPS may vary on iPhone 3G and 1st Generation iPod Touch.

Enjoy iLandCars!

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