iLake quiz about Swiss lakes

What’s the name of this lake? You and other iPhone users give answers to such questions. With iLake quiz about Swiss lakes you will get to know in a playful way all about important Swiss lakes. Within a short time you will be an expert. The program shows map extracts with several lakes. Then you have to point directly on the desired lake. You will get immediately a feedback with interesting additional information in German, English, French, Italian and Spanish. If you have made a mistake you will get a detailed explanation on what’s wrong and what the correct name of the lake is. Additionally an overview map is shown. If you click on ‘Tips’, you will get solutions and hints which you can use later. Another task is to choose one out of four postcards, each of them showing a lake. You will have to find the correct one, sometimes several are correct. Many questions you can answer by logical reasoning. Here you will also get a detailed feedback. Sometimes you will have to write an answer. Brand new on the App Store are questions where you can place e.g. different lakes on the right place on a map. New, there are also questions where you have to place labels or pictures on the right place with your finger. Thereby, each move is evaluated. At the end you will get an evaluation with your score (points or percent). You will also get a certificate. Who knows best about the lakes?

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