Let the games begin!!

The best juggling game on the iPhone is about to get even better. All scores submitted to the global scoreboard are now tagged with the country you are playing from. Scores will be collected and analyzed to see which country has the greatest iKick team!

note: iKickFreely, the free “lite” version of iKick, will be available sporadically (holidays, weekends, or at random) – the internet scoreboard has been hammering my server and my bandwidth costs are ever increasing. Sorry. :(

Keep the ball in the air as long as you can, and beat your high score! A simple, fun, and quick game for the casual gamer to keep you entertained on the road, at home, or even during work/school. Responsive and fluid physics – with practice you’ll be able to control the ball skillfully. See how many points you can grab, and compare it to other players on the global scoreboard.

– you can change your ball and background by going to the “settings” app of your device and scrolling down until you see “ikick”. The settings are in there. I apologize that these items are a bit hidden.
– Your personal score record is attached to your name, which you can set under “Settings->iKick HD” in your device. This way, multiple friends/family members can play and set their personal records – just change the name back and you’ll get your old records back! This will also be the name used to identify you when your new record is submitted to the internet scoreboard.
– Be careful of using too many fake names just to boost the number of scores in the global internet scoreboard. A little bit is ok, but too much will hurt the diversity rating of the team, and will adversely affect your team’s score.

Thank you for all your support! Please feel free to let me know how you think iKick could be improved.

My Promise to You: All kertong.com apps are “old school”, in the sense that once you purchase it, it is 100% yours. No in-app purchases or unlockable features, no upsells, no ads, no calling home to report your private data, no begging for app store ratings, etc. Once you own a kertong.com app, you own it with all the future updates with no further payment required.

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