If the idea of riding a Jet Ski while dodging various obstacles sounds like fun, you will love iJetSki! Not only do you have to dodge rocks and logs, you’ll also have to avoid beach balls, boats, swimmers and other obstacles. Do all this while trying to go through sets of buoys on each course during daytime, evening and nighttime tracks! As long as you finish each race, you’ll get a score from the judges, but if you crash into too many obstacles, the judges will disqualify you from the competition. The Kiip Rewards feature in iJetSki will reward you for accomplishments along the way so be sure and cash in when you achieve a prize by tapping the Kiip Rewards banner that will appear at the top of your screen. You could win any number of real world items just for playing the game! Each time of day has an Easy, Medium and Hard level, with each level becoming increasingly more challenging. Do well in the competition and unlock various Game Center Achievements. Then brag about your achievements on Twitter with built-in Twitter integration in iJetSki! Be sure to check out the Ski Shack and get the coolest ski that fits your personality and maybe even impress the judges! Customize the way you race through the tracks with one of the 3 standard skis included with the game or purchase a 3-pack of skis that better suits your style of racing. Maybe get all nine additional skis depending on what time of day you race – either way, it’s up to you!


• Race a jet ski across various tracks to impress a set of judges
• Kiip Rewards feature that will reward you with real world items for completing virtual achievements in iJetSki
• Game Center Achievements
• Built-in Twitter integration to brag about the achievements you unlock in iJetSki
• 9 total tracks for 3 different courses at various times of the day
• Receive 1-5 stars from the judges based on your performance in each race
• Steer your jet ski by simply tilting your device
• Choose any of the 3 jet skis included in the app to use in each race
• Option to purchase up to 9 additional jet skis to best suit your style of racing
• Fun and realistic sound effects to complete the racing experience
• Hours of fun, challenging and addicting gameplay
• Amazing and engaging graphics

Note that the Kiip Rewards feature in iJetSki is an achievement based rewards system in which users get rewarded for the virtual achievements they make in iJetSki. Kiip Rewards is not a contest or sweepstakes, and Apple is not a sponsor of any and all Kiip promotion(s).

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