Now is the time to get in on the Redneck Ragdoll flinging action!

iHurt is a new and exciting cartoon style action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. It’s full of serious laughter, cartoon antics, fun and plenty of HURT!

Steer your character down Mt. Spinebreaker while hitting as many objects as possible in your quest to rack up the largest hospital bill in the history of the iHurt Championships! Perfect your scoring lines and path through the level to maximize your hospital bill. Can you take home the gold?

iHurt Features
* Cartoon style gameplay, like Saturday morning cartoons of yesteryear
* Extreme Ragdoll Physics
* Funny VO and Character impact reactions
* 5 iHurt Championship Levels, 1 Bonus Level and more being built for future updates
* Scoring Multipliers, TNT, Beehive, Pumpkin Bombs and Bat Nest objects to help amplify the pain
* 3 Unique Characters with many more to come
* OpenFeint Integration
* World-wide Online Leaderboards
* Award Challenges (Achievements)
* Brag to your friends on Facebook and Twitter
* Tilt Control Calibration – Set the tilt controls to your liking to achieve the highest scores!

iHurt uses your device’s accelerometer for control. We at Mad Monkey Militia highly recommend you take a moment before playing to calibrate the tilt controls and sensitivity for your device to your liking.

On 1st Gen devices we recommend restarting your device after downloading the game before playing it for the first time to ensure the best performance.

Stay Up To Date
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Future Updates
The Mad Monkey Militia crew is hard at work on the 3rd update to iHurt. Be on the lookout in the next couple months and all throughout 2010 for:
* Even More Characters
* More Levels and New Level Themes
* New Game Types like Ragdoll Bowling
* More Awards
* More HURT!

Your 5 Star reviews keep the content coming…

Gameplay Videos


Check out Crazy Mike’s Video review of iHurt as well. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8gITD8PVp2g

“The audio is quite polished in all aspects. The sound effects and voiceovers are absolutely hilarious and quite clear.” -PocketFullOfApps.com

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