iHorse Betting

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Game Description
This is a superlatives racecourse, the world’s highest prize, the world’s largest pools! Many world class professional gamblers and the world class betting teams stationed here, You should use your wisdom, through betting to get wealth, Stand out in the Masters, become the God of Gambler!

1. Realtime Voice Commentary on Running
2. Absolutely Realistic Racecourse Scene and Tracks
3. Smooth 3D Graphics
4. Latest Horse Data
5. Legend Horse, World Class Jockey from different Countries
6. Multi Betting Options
7. Race outcome is determined by many factors, “Just Lucky” is not enough to win big money!
8. Pace featured
9. Going Bias, Track Bias
10.Horse Attributes
11.Horse Track Records
12.Best Suitable Distance for Horse

When you think a Race will have a outside chance, try to take the highest rewards as you can by considering the following conditions!
– Going affected by the weather
– Lack of front-runner and start dasher
– The Favorite not get a good draw or the Pacing is not suitable
– The Favorite is too young or too nervous

Brand Description
iHorse is the most popular and realistic horse racing game, in this game you play not only as a Jockey, but also as a Trainer, Owner, Breeder and Bettor. You first purchase a pony, train it and ride it to perform its maximum potential, Collect all the achievements, become the best of Jockey, Trainers and Breeder!


1. 即時發聲走位旁述
2. 百份百馬場實景製作
3. 全3D畫面
4. 2011最新世界馬匹資料
5. 集世界各地頂級騎師、名駒
6. 多種投注方式
7. 賽果結合多項因素運算產生,贏錢絕不靠運氣!
8. 步速形勢
9. 場地偏差

– 變化場地
– 欠缺前領馬
– 熱門馬排檔及形勢不利
– 穩定性低的馬成熱門


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