IhateU-Zs is new concept action defense game.


–GAME CONTROLS – It’s simple.–
Draw the line on the screen to turn hero.
Click the below a item you want and double tab the screen to fire the item. Use the unique powers of each items to revenge.

27 Main Stage + 20 Level Bonus Stage + Unlimited mode
Midnight every day, zombies come to my house. More and more zombies…
Chop zombies with a sword to save your lovely daughter!! And earn money for buying new items and a more strong barrier.
Every Saturday, clear a stage of 5 level! Hunt zombies with bowgun. You can clear every stage only a dart. It’s not impossible. You can do it!
the nightmare mode is 2 level(normal mode and extreme mode). But extreme mode is created when you must clear more stages.
Go for your high score!

Use game center to check out the leaderboard to see how your score ranks.

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