Excited? Challenges? Do you want to win the champion among all the racing fans? Here we have drift excitement, speedy feelings, real racing experiences, it is the paradise of the keen racing fans. All the types of cool racing cars are designed to perfectly represent your controlling abilities. Easily controlled methods and the short reaction time will make your experience more freely. It has many perfect designs for your game, so come and join us, you would have an unforgettable experience of exciting and crazy moments during this racing game!
Excellent features and functions:
-High technology, the controlling information is outputed from the earphone jack and be connected to the car.
-Easily controlled car, 4 buttons makes it easier to control.
-Quick reaction, make the car react to your controlling message more quickly.
-A diversity series of cars are there for you to choose, you could choose whatever you like.
-The ‘DRIFT’ button, it is designed for the drift fans to make the drift easier to occur.
-Two control methods, you can choose how to control your car, the buttons or the Gravity Sensor.
1.The buttons, the layout of the positions are perfect for you to use.
2.Gravity Sensor, real experience of driving the car, it feels like you are moving with your car, and it provides you another way to control when you are tired of the buttons.
1. 普通按键操控方式,按键布局合理美观,让您可以轻松的操控。
2. 重力感应操控方式,身临其境的操控体验,让您心随车动,也是在您对按键操控感到疲倦时的另一种选择。

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