Ignite is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Ignite Review

Woo! We’re on fire, baby! No, we didn’t just drain a fade-away three from the corner — we’re literally playing as a living body of flame in Monster Gila’s Ignite. And if you’ll allow us just one more stupid pun, we think this finely crafted platforming game is the New Hotness.

Ignite’s got the eye candy to get graphics nerds hot under the collar, including some neat flame rendering and particle effects. For example, as Iggy burns out, his visible flame grows dim, reducing your sight range. The tradeoff is that the frame rate chugs every now and then. In the background, gloomy underground-flavored soundtrack is a perfect fit.

As iPhone platformers go, Ignite’s gameplay is pretty basic. The enemies aren’t interesting, and there’s nothing special about the level designs, either. That said, we had a lot of trouble putting it down.