iGeoPad builds upon the success of iGeoCacher and is the first full featured, professional grade geocaching app for the iPad. We took a fresh look at the iPad platform and incorporated all that we’ve learned from the past 4-5 years serving the geocaching community.

In particular, it takes advantage of the larger screen to provide unprecedented situational awareness advantages when hunting for a geocache. The detail view simultaneously shows the Horizontal Situation Indicator (HSI) along with the text details and the map display.

New large detail map and information displays have been incorporated. It has also inherited the unique “SONAR” cache finding feature to make your hunt more fun.

iTunes file sharing is leveraged to make it easy to import and export files. Of course, you can open geocaching data files from email attachments as well making it easy to load your pocket queries received from geocaching.com.

As with iGeoCacher and CacheLight, the entire SQLite database can easily be saved to your computer and accessed for use with your other cache management tools as desired. The SQLite browser plugin for FireFox works well for this. The database is a simple table (not Core Data) to make it easier for power users to get at the saved data and manipulate it with third party tools.

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