Are you feeling lucky today? iGambling turns your iPhone into a Bingo / Lotto club – Hit the Lottery or clean your Bingo cards and win the jackpot, Feel the rush of hitting the numbers, the thrill of wining and the sounds of earning chips and credits.

About the Game: Play the classic 90 numbers Bingo and 6 numbers Lotto games bet on the Lottery 6 numbers or the Bingo cards and win credits.

Game Options:

* 2 playing room – Bingo & Lotto
* Bet on 1-4 cards
* Pick your number Manually or let the iPhone pick your numbers


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– Battle at Sea: Old Alert
– Pegs Solitaire
– Wolves and Sheep
– Fifteen iPuzzle
– Tik Tac School
– FCSync
– Meet Jewry

Coming Soon:
Texas Hold em poker, Blackjack,Roulette Online

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