iFunnel Frenzy

iFunnel Frenzy is a fun, challenging and addictive game based on the revolutionary iFunnel Technology now available on Agilent instruments. The game places you in the first stage of the ion funnel where you need to separate ions from neutral gas molecules to generate outstanding MS data. Unleash the power of ion funnel by wiping away the neutral gas molecules – but BEWARE of bombs and be CAREFUL to use the PowerTools to achieve the highest possible score.

NOTE: If you encounter an info message: “We noticed an issue in which Safari heavily slows down the game…”, please try to close at least Safari by double clicking the home button, which will show you a row of open programs at the bottom. Choose any icon; tap and hold the icon until the “-” sign appears. Tap the Safari “-” sign to close it. Then click the home button to get back to home screen and start iFunnel Frenzy HD again.

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