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This is the classic freecell game.

The object is to move all the cards to the home cells, using the free cells as placeholders.
To win, make four stacks of cards on the home cells, one for each suit, stacked in order of rank, from lowest (ace) to highest (king).

– Clean interface, cards are easy to read and easy to move
– 1,000,000 games using the same game numbers that Microsoft freecell uses
(There is a free version: i-Freecell Lite, which can only play game #1-100, your can try it first.)
– Operating procedure is almost same as Microsoft freecell
1 Tap to select card or column, tap again to move selected card or column to other column, free cell, or home cell
2 Double tap to move card to free cell
3 Auto-play unneeded cards
– Toggle alerts on/off
– Save game automaticlly on exit or interruption
– Statistics

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