iFish Adventure

***In TOP 20 Adventure Games on the app store in January 2010!***

***In “New and Noteworthy” category in January 2010!***

You are a cute little fish and you want to grow and you want to grow big. Become the king fish of the whole seaworld — feed yourself, get bigger and explore the beauty of the Deep Blue out there. The game presents excellent graphics of various creatures and sea landscapes. You pass a map when you grow to a certain size, and then other maps become available. Go from a cute little fish to a king fish who is ruling the whole sea kingdom!!!

The rules are simple: eat fish smaller than you, and don’t get caught by others bigger than you. Sounds simple enough? Don’t be so sure, there are other dangers out there:
– There are species that can harm you, but you can’t eat them: urchins and jellyfish.
– There is some trash falling from the water surface: bottles and cans, which will harm you if you touch them.
– If you don’t eat anything for 10 seconds, you decrease in size.

Main features:

– A lot of beautiful sea landscapes
– Various fish of different types and sizes
– Additional dangerous sea creatures
– Harmful objects falling from the water surface
– Great music and sound effects
– Online scores board

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