The Multi-operational iFactory has opened today, let’s start your dream here! That will be a fantastic new experience with produce, create, develop and even explode! Every day is so colorful being an engineer of iFactory!

The in app purchase function allows you to purchase the expansion packs and additional functionality to enrich the content of your game!

You can also enjoy the leaderboard and 21 unique achievements with the Open Feint! Nothing can be more fun than comparing your score with the global players.


– Multi-operational iFactory: Nothing can’t be made in iFactory! Clocks, cellphones, cakes, cameras, Christmas trees, electronic fans, hamburgers… everything is possible!

– Develop your intelligence: You need to made different products on the production line, every product has its unique producing sequence. You need to use your brain power to find out what is the correct sequence to make the product!

– Creating the wealth: Complete as many products as you can within time the to earn more money. Try to find out which product can make the most profit!

– Research and development: You can use the money you earn in the game to develop new products and other items in the R&D Lab.

– Full of challenges: There are four difficulty modes for different levels of players! There are different situations in each stage.

– Explore the iFactory: Each area of the factory is created with the detail! You will see how extraordinary the iFactory is by explore every area of it.

– Enjoy the rich background music: Every different area of the iFactory has its own background music! Enrich your gaming experience by listening the music while playing!

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