iF1 Manager


Select the language in the options menu.

Create your own formula one team!

Participate in a long career of ten seasons, hundreds of events await you.
Manage your team, check your finances, buy the drivers, develop your car,
hire employees, and much more.

During the race manage your first pilot, surpasses, slow down, go to the box, do everything to overcome the opponents’ cars.
Pay attention to the tires and the engine temperature.

Will not be an easy challenge beat all the other teams and win the drivers’ title and the constructors championship.


– 11 teams against which to compare
– 20 track on which to compete
– The opponents may improve in the course of the career
– Manage the first rider in the race
– Possibility to choose the length of races
– Editor to edit the names of opposing teams and drivers
– includes full localization in ITALIAN

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