Classic puzzle games for your iPhone where you make the puzzle!

iEasyPuzzle is a sliding puzzle app that draws from your iPhone photo library to create an entertaining game. Users can choose the preloaded image provided by iXtentia/Extentia or pick images from their own albums. Shake the iPhone to scramble your puzzle – the more complicated the image, the harder the puzzle!

Features of iEasyPuzzle.
• Smooth and jitter free motion of the pieces
• Select photos from your own photo collection on your iPhone
• Simple controls; shake the iPhone to scramble the photo again
• Updated every month with a new, beautiful picture

About iXtentia:
iXtentia is a division of Extentia Information Technology that focuses on Apple and mobile technologies.Established in 1998, Extentia is a global software development and consulting organization delivering IT solutions to clients throughout Europe, North America, and the Asia Pacific region.

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