iDuelpro Lite

Control your lifepoints in any TCG with the best free lifepoints calculator in the world!

You are in a duel and you want to show of your iPod Touch or iPhone?

We have for you the ultimate lifepoints aid, iDuelpro Mobile!

With iDuelpro Lite you get a touch of the amazing ease and power of iDuelpro for iPhone. If you like you can always upgrade to the pro version and get amazing added features!

iDuelpro Lite is the best free lifepoints calculator available and the full version is even more powerful!

(i)Duelpro has been pleasing and receiving good comments from about 500.000 duelists worldwide including the best and is available for iPhone, iPod Touch, Mac OSX and Windows.

Want to become a dueling champion? iDuelpro is the next step in that direction.

-Lifepoint tracking for you and your opponent.
-Progress bars to get a quick view who’s losing and who’s winning
-Quick subtract/add buttons to control lifepoints with one touch
-Ability to subtract/add a custom amount of LP
-Ability to declare a draw
-Superfast calculating speeds
-Can be used for multiple TCG’s
-The easiest interface for a lifepoints calculator ever!
-Automatic game state save of the lifepoints on quit
-Notification who has won
-New “50” and “5” damage buttons
-Dice and coin simulator
-Halve lifepoints feature
-Undo Button to undo last move
-Ability to set the player’s names
-Twitter link to stay up to date
-Advanced Help file

-No Ad in the bottom
-Swap player’s sides
-Automatic Win/Loss button for card that directly destroy a player
-Ability to halve lifepoints
-Ability to undo the last move
-Spell Counter field
-Token Counter field
-Set an initial amount of lifepoints
-Keep track of your wins/losses & draws in the statistics section
-Calculate your victory percentage and compare with your friends

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