iPhone application for the Duel.

UI design is that simple, do the calculation with only one click, and speedy in their Duel, will provide exciting moments.

Are equipped with dice, coins, a counter.

It corresponds to the effect of halving the Life Points of “Solemn Judgment”.

Button layout, you can switch setting screen.

Then, in the Web views that are built, the effect of the rules and cards is examined.

Anxious page can bookmark within the app.
And, you can also start the safari, viewing on iPhone.

Free edition is available here.

■Difference between the free version is as follows.
– Remove an ad.
– In the calc’s screen, you can see the opponent’s Life Points in one screen.
– Have been fixed for the entire UI.
– Added support for multiple languages.​【English, Japanese】
– To improve the UI, then and later for OS iOS 5.0, the OS support.

If you have any requests for additional features, is being accepted at any time in the support page.
SupportPageURL []

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