iDroidsMania is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: iDroids Mania

Imagine a dystopia where Asimov’s rules of robotics have been tossed out the window, where robot cities have sprung up across the land and heartless MonkeyBots thwart your every move with their incessant banana hurling. Yes, welcome to iDroidOpia. Won’t you stay awhile?

At a mere $0.99 entry fee, you might be tempted to traipse about such menacing locations as Socket City and the iDroidic Ocean, blasting away with your Zapper and swinging around like Bionic Commando with your grapple hook. You might even have fun.

People buy these sewer robots when they’re small, then flush them.

Yes, you might. Do you like jittery controls and restarting levels with increasing frequency because you keep dying from a relentless horde of bees? Okay, so maybe you won’t have too much fun.

iDroidsMania is a really solid looking game, with plenty of colorful, scenic backdrops, and the music is not entirely annoying. If all the pieces functioned properly, it might be a decent side-scroller, even if at 11 missions it’s relatively short.

As it stands now, though, running, swinging, and jumping feel about as sluggish as, well, a robot, and it’s hard to have a good time if the game engine is locked in an eternal struggle against you. Either wait for an update that cleans up the clutter or spend your money on one of those robot vacuum cleaners. Those things can entertain for hours.