iDrag Racer

“With many more planned updates to come we are dedicated to make your $ spent go further and further”


This Update includes the new REAL MODE depicting a real Drag Race.

Think you have got the speed.

Prove it on the 400 m Drag Strip

Choose your Vehicle and race to be “The Best”.

Improve your time or beat 10 unique Levels of Automated Racer for each Vehicle.

A perfect fun activity to share with Friends and Family.

Option to Adjust Controls to suit both Left and Right Handers.


* Choose from 5 different Vehicles *

* 1 Player and 2 Player Support *

* 3 Different Game Modes *

* Real Mode depicting a real drag race, Accelerate, press Clutch to change gears and try to beat all Levels.

* Spin Mode ( with unique Circle Movement detection)*

* Slide Mode *

* 10 levels for each vehicle *

* Head Start option *

* Cheeky Trick Option to make winning easier in 2 Player Mode *

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