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Discover The Shortest Path! With this newly designed puzzle game you will keep your mind sharp while enjoying virtually endless hours of play-time! Using basic addition, your mission is to discover the shortest path between two beautifully designed points (dots).

The description below is for the paid version of this app, but it’s generally applicable for this free version as well.

How this application is played…
*There are 100 levels. Each level consists of 6 sub levels; for a total of 600 game level plays, per player.
*Each level contains a fixed amount of points or dots on the screen.
*Between each pair of dots there is at least one connecting line (there can be more than one connecting line between a pair of dots).
*Each line is randomly assigned a numerical “weight” value. This weight value is the key to finding the shortest path.
*The starting point is a single dot that is bright green, and the finishing point is a single dot that is bright red. All the other dots are a single randomly chosen color that is neither green nor red.
*For each level, you are given 875 points. Starting form the green dot you will touch any dot that is opposite to the starting dot. In doing so you will have crossed a line that connects a pair of dots. After crossing from one dot to another, the weight value that is displayed on the line that connects the two dots that you have just traversed will be deducted from your total points.
*The goal is to reach the red dot by crossing the lines that will deduct the least amount of points from your total score. If you find a path that deducts the least amount of points, then you have also discovered a shortest path; you will be rewarded with 1200 bonus points!

Have fun!

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