Please note: Does not work for iPhone 3G and iPhone 3GS.

Wish you could magically take your dollhouse with you everywhere you go? Now you can with AppVentures iDollhouse! Place your iPhone, iPad or iTouch into your iDollhouse and launch the app to let the fun begin! Play house in your very own digital playhouse anywhere you go. Simply scan your doll’s code to transport them into your iDollhouse and they show up as virtual friends inside. Go to for more info.


Customize each room of your iDollhouse using the menus at the top of the screen.
❖ Choose your wall, rug, and curtain colors.
❖ Choose photos from your own photo library.
❖ Don’t forget to water your flowers & watch them grow!

Each room is filled with activities for endless fun.
❖ Play dress-up.
❖ Have a dance party.
❖ Take a ride on the teeter-totter.
❖ Bake a cake.
❖ Wash the dishes.
❖ Take a shower & blow dry your hair.

Explore each of the activity-filled rooms with your dolls. Dad, brother, sister, mother… They’re all ready to play! Using your camera, scan your doll’s code to transport them into your iDollhouse and watch them appear inside.
Collect the whole family of AppVentures iDollhouse dolls!

For more information about AppVentures iDollhouse visit
Founded in 2001, New Adventures creates fun, innovative toys for children worldwide.

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