iDisc Golf Lite

NEW UPDATE v1.5 Just Released – NOW WITH HD SUPPORT FOR iPad & iPhone4 (Retina Displays) AND new multi-texture course designs for even more realism!

Try out all six courses.

– Johnson Street – The course down the street, simple and sweet
– Tiki Island – Sandy beaches and palms guarded by the island gods
– Sonora Sands – Amazing rock formations and cacti in an arid land
– Northern Exposure – The land of snow and frozen lakes, watch out for that moose!
– Lakeside Landing – Tall pines on the shores of an Autumn lake
– Windy Gap – Mountainous landscapes challenge, while vistas mesmerize you

Now you can play one of the hottest sports anytime, anywhere! Immerse yourself in the most intuitive and realistic mobile disc golf game to date. Throw your disc through the various courses with just a flick of your finger. Challenge your friends in the two-player mode!


INTUITIVE CONTROLS – disc speed and shot angle are controlled by how you flick on screen. Flick it fast for those long drives! Aim by moving crosshairs or by curving your swipe to avoid trees and other obstacles.

REALISTIC GAMEPLAY – choice of driver, mid-range and putter to get through the challenging course. Don’t forget to check the wind speed!


Visit for more info, videos and more!

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