Idiot Test HD

Idiot Test HD is a very tactical game to test your responsiveness and wit. This game is really humorous. We have developed this game mainly to test the sense of wit. All you need is to be smart enough to carry out the simple tasks we have in store for you. This game includes numerous things in every stage that has to be collected in order to finish the levels. You have to collect the things just by tapping on the items the number of times it appears on the screen.

In the very first stage, you can collect things by tapping to gain knowledge. A set of animals are present in the second level, you can collect animals for your kingdom. Next, in the third level, you have to tap on people so as to build your own kingdom. The fourth level includes food that has to be collected. Moving on to the next one, here you have to collect treasure for the kingdom. The last stage includes a mix of all objects that appear in the prior levels, after collecting all the objects you will win the game…..

You can also make use of this application to fool your family members or friends. Go and check whether you are intelligent or not and also the people around you. So start playing….

Have a great time fooling!!!!!

[*] Includes simple brain teasing task
[*] A fun game suitable for all ages
[*] Good graphics and design
[*] Exciting characters and sound effects

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