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No more standing up and struggling to deal to the other side of the table.
No more waiting for the guy who will never stop talking long enough to deal.
No more marked cards or cheaters dealing from the bottom of the deck.

Play a leisurely game while watching a ball game.
Play an intense high speed heads up match.
Play on an airplane.
Play iDealPoker.

This handy app simulates the deck of cards for a texas holdem poker game. Each player uses his or her phone as their hand. If an iPad is available, it is used to display the flop, turn, and river cards in the center of the table. All devices are synced to one deck of cards.


– Play with real poker chips
– Uses the Fisher-Yates shuffling algorithm*
– Animated flop, turn, river and deal
– Devices sync together and games are controlled by one dealer or the iPad

– Swipe up or down on your two cards to hide them
– Swipe left or right on your cards to swap them
– Tap lower left corner to switch view
– Tap your left card in the large view to show only one card
– Press and hold a board card in the detail view to show the hand history of the game
– Swipe left on a board card to change card decks

* “Fisher–Yates shuffle is unbiased, so that every permutation is equally likely. The modern version of the algorithm is also rather efficient, requiring only time proportional to the number of items being shuffled and no additional storage space.

The basic process of Fisher–Yates shuffling is similar to randomly picking numbered tickets out of a hat, or cards from a deck, one after another until there are no more left.” – Wikipedia

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