iCut Deluxe

Discover the DELUXE version of iCut – a brand-new puzzle to get your brain skills to a new level! Goal is simple: cut shapes into identical parts. Puzzles are of increasing difficulty up to almost impossible nuts.

Over 800 000 downloads! Check it out why thousands are addicted to iCut – a new tool of cutting the shapes.

• 144 puzzles, 6 playmodes, 4 gamelevels.
• Designed for iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.
• Scores: reach the best score in each puzzle.
• Guest Player option: get your friend to play!
• Need help? Use advanced hint system.
• Reset All Puzzles option.
• Game Center achievements and leaderboards.

iCut Deluxe changes its location on App Store, since the company sold iCut Deluxe is closing. To get new puzzles and features please get New iCut Deluxe. The new app is fully supported. Note that the current app remains fully playable, but will no longer be updated and supported. We apologize for any possible inconvenience.

★★★★★ “A new type of puzzle game” – App Advice

★★★★★ “Brand new puzzle.” – Touch Arcade Forums

★★★★★ “A light, easy game that’s fun for a few minutes.” – Games Uncovered

★★★★★ “Puzzle fans should be delighted…” – DIYgamer

★★★★★ “The incredibly new puzzle game.” – Frisky Mongoose

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