Icosian is amazing HD-quality puzzle game for your iPad and iPad mini. The main game object is a graph, the web-like object consisting of bubbles called vertices, and their connecting threads called edges. Build edges from one vertex to another to find a closed path through all the vertices in such way that every vertex is visited only once, no edges are visited twice, and the ending point is the same as the starting point.
Icosian is equipped with 72 exciting levels divided into 6 loaded level packs of different complexity. Each level reveals new depth and a new challenge. New levels become available as you pass the simpler ones which would gradually immerse you into the wonderful world of Icosian.
The game includes native 2048-by-1536 pixel support and optimized for your iPad retina screen. The best stuff for the best look!
Enjoy your dive into the exciting world of Icosian!

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