iCopter Ultra Free

iCopter Ultra – Free Edition

Developed by Pierce Vallieres

*** Launch Sale ***
*** Buy now and get iCopter Ultra on sale with 4 bonus Copters included! ***

*** All new WEAPONS game mode! ***
*** Fans are going CRAZY over iCopter Ultra! ***

- The most addictive arcade game ever has been reengineered and remastered!
- Endless replayability!
- Controls are super easy to use, and ultra engaging!
- Just fly through the cave without hitting the walls!
- Fly longer to get a higher score!

- iCopter Ultra is the most advanced, and polished Copter game available with stunning graphics!
- iCopter Ultra uses the same physics engine as big time games like Angry Birds!
- iCopter Ultra is the first copter game to have a WEAPONS game mode where you can destroy obstacles in your way!

- All new WEAPONS game mode!
- Dynamic smoke
- Dynamic explosions
- Over 15 copters to fly
- Create and customize your own copter
- Design your own themes
- Fly the way you want to
- Gravity or Touch controlled
- Change the Sensitivity
- 4 Difficulty levels
- 5 Different game modes and counting
- Compete in multiple online leaderboards
- Challenge your friends to beat your scores
- Creativity is limitless
- Advanced OpenGL graphics with dynamic particle systems


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