iCopter 3D

Fly a helicopter through a 3d Cavern. Staggered rock formations, molten lava, break-neck speeds, and multiple paths to guide your copter. Incredible 3D Engine puts you in the cockpit. Think you got what it takes to pilot this aircraft?

In this day and age why are we left to toil with side scrollers and 2-D gameplay? I mean our iPhone’s do everything short of laundry and the dishes (but we’re working on that). Anyhow, we all reach for our phones to kill some time, but it’s time to upgrade and treat yourself to a cutting edge game: iCopter 3D. So suit up, take the controls, and venture into a cutting edge environment where you pilot a helicopter through the toughest terrain. Armed with sharp 3-D graphical rendering, each map has a natural feel providing great depth and realism. This ain’t your daddy’s flight simulator, grab iCopter 3-D now.

Equipped with an Apache helo you are dealt the task of navigating through some treacherous territory. Your sole mission, survival. Staggered rock formations, molten lava, break-neck speeds, you will have to combat the elements with razor sharp precision to advance. With your Apple device in a landscape–or horizontal position–you will tilt your phone or iPod left and right to fly through the twists and turns of the cavernous map. Simple up and down buttons will affect your altitude and the height of your chopper to duck under short clearances. You will at first be welcomed with guiding arrows signaling your path to the finish, but soon those will fade. The further you advance through a stage, the more speed you will pick-up making it that much harder to steer through all the hurdles that await. Each subsequent level will begin with your copter starting at a faster speed than before. With the high score function, be sure to challenge friends to see which one of you would be the pilot with ice water running through their veins.

iCopter 3D works with all generations of the iPhone, as well as the iPod Touch.

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