iColorBall Lite

ColorBall is a colorful puzzle game that you won’t be able to put down!

Try to empty the ball panel by popping balls by match the color above. You’ll have to be quick and accurate to stay long before your time runs out! Try to Pop more balls and acquire more points. You will love it no matter who you are—kid or grown up.

The balls will be changed by color each time randomely.

How many can you pop before the timer runs out?

See how high you can score by removing color balls from the screen. Tapping on the same colored ball as on the top to remove. Matching ball’s with top panel, the more points and time you receive. Sound easy? Give it a try!

Once you start playing you’ll be convinced that you can do better next time!


-Top-notch, polished graphics and animation
-Engaging sound effects and background music!
-Highly addictive game play…seriously, you’re going to love this game!!
-Puzzle and Timed game modes provide endless challenges!
-Shake iPhone/iPod Touch, the Ball’s Colors is changed.

We could say great things about this game but we don’t have to – just read what users are saying:

• Constant fun and amusement
• Great fun for all ages
• Definitely a must-buy!
• One of the most addicting games out there
• You can’t go wrong
• Amazing, fun, brilliant
• I’m addicted to this game!
• Best thing since sliced bread
• Great game and great job
• Love it!
• Professional…fun…easy to play
• Fabulous, addictive game!
• The graphics are gorgeous
• I’m so glad we got this
• Really nice and very addictive
• Tons of fun
• I can play for hours and hours
• Great, great, great!
• Nice design and so addicting
• Will keep you entertained for hours

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