iChess Mobile

If you like chess , you can find all everything in this application. Online and offline game modes, chat, push notification , replay function , buddy list and many more features .

It is universal, means both compatible for iPhone and iPad .

We are pretty sure that you will like the cutting edge design of the app . And it is also High Definition (HD)

This is the best chess application of App Store.

*Online Chess

Meet and play with thousands of chess lovers all over the world.

Offline Chess

* Play versus Device
* Head to Head ( Play versus your friend )

Replay : This feature allow you to view completed games. Thus ,you can improve yourself .

Buddy List : You can add a player to your friend list. Then you can invite them to play online chess .

Chat : You can chat with your opponent while playing .

We are always listening to you. Please let us know your comments about the application and we promise that we ll reply you soon .

Contact : info@maku.com.tr

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