-Simple Rule: Collect ice cubes in the given time to pass!

-3 Game Modes:
Journey: 40 levels of challenges await!
7 min Tournament: How high can you score in 7 minutes? How fast can your fingers move?
Survival: If you’re good, you get to play ’til the Apocalypse.

-New Idea for Falling Block Games: the key is to pay attention to the elemental property.
-Four elemental cubes:

1. Ice Cubes: You collect these to clear level.
2. Fire Cubes: Watch out! Melted ice cubes do not count towards the goal.
3. Iron Cubes: You can’t rotate them; think twice before placing them!
4. Stone Cubes: Just your good old fashioned blocks. Use them wisely!

Download a game that you won’t regret!
-Great Control! So smooth you get addicted.
-Creative Levels, fun and challenging.
-Educational but entertaining! Train your mental agility!

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