iCatchDaFish Lite

iCatchDaFish is a fish-catching game which fits to 6+ players, you are acting a owner of a PetFish Store, your task/mission is to get the appointed fish listed on the PO by the customer.

You can set the fish type to Sea Fish or Freshwater Fish
You can define the fish swimming speed to increase the difficulty of the game
You can define the tank size to see smaller fish

In the aquarium mode, you can see beautiful fish moving leisurely, the fish amount in the aquarium mode is refer to how high the game level you have achieved.
— Note: Aquarium mode can only demo the fish for 50 seconds in Lite version. But there is no limitation at full version of this game.

If you have kid(s), it is a good idea to keep your kid(s) being quiet a while with this game :)

Little tricks:
Do not check the next fish amount after fish been dragged to the net, you shall check the next fish during the dragging to save time.

Memorial: all of the freshwater fish showing in this game were living in my fish-tank which already past, I re-alive them through this game.

Sea fish tank will be my next challenge to raise. If you do really like this game, please support me by full version which is able to continue game and keep the aquarium mode running until you close the game. Your supporting is important to encourage me to develop more games and software.

iCatchDaFish 是一款適合六歲以上的遊戲。 在這個遊戲裡,您將扮演一位水族店的老闆,您的任務就是要幫客人挑出他們所選定列在PO上面的魚。

您可以設定為 海水魚 以及 淡水魚 模式

在水族模式裡(Aquarium mode),您可以看到悠遊自在的魚兒,魚的數量是依照您所達成的遊戲關卡而不同。

如果您有小孩,這個遊戲能讓您的小孩安靜至少一個小時 :)


紀念: 這個遊戲裡所有的淡水魚都是我過去養過所留下的身影,我藉由這個遊戲來使牠們再度復活。


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