iCatcha FREE with iAd

iCatcha evovled! iCatcha 3 is as additive, challenging and funny as you loved, now FREE with iAd.

It’s ultimate goal is to catch as more flies as possible. It’s easy at the beginning. But with the fly moving faster, it becomes harder and harder. This game is a great challenge to your visual acuity and finger dexterity.

– Super easy to hand on
– Challenging and additive
– Plenty of vivid foreground and background sceneries that always bring you novelty
– Touch haptic feedback (iPhone only) and real sound effect
– Fully compatible with iOS 4 with multitasking support

This great game is FREE because of the integration of iAd which shows advertisement without interrupt the game play. The free version brings you CLASSIC game mode. TIME TRIAL and ENDLESS game modes are only available in paid version.


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