iCallSTOP Free

Want to awaken your brain, or maybe exercise it a little? Challenge yourself, friends, or others around the globe in iCallSTOP, an exciting, fast-paced word game that will surely deliver a nail-biting, good time!

You can Play Solo against the clock. Choose 1 or more Standard Categories (Animal, Color, Country…) from the list to start playing. You can buy Premium Categories from the Options menu, or you can also create your own categories when playing with others.

In each round (up to 8 rounds per game), your mission is to quickly reach into the deepest recesses of your brain and extract a word that not only starts with the random letter that appears on your screen, but also matches the categories selected for the game. Don’t let the pressure render you wordless?

How quickly can you come up with an animal, a celebrity, and a brand name that begins with the letter “H”? The clock is ticking! Be surprised by the categories you dominate. Can you enter your words fast enough to beat the clock and leave other players in the dust? Don’t forget to call STOP and halt the clock when all your categories are filled in.

When playing with others, you can create your own categories, let your imagination run and have fun! Players are now the judge of whether answers are correct or not. Should you chose a friend’s name as the answer under a created Dinosaur category, it may result in a good joke but should not get you any points if other players Challenge your answer.

Are you confident that your response is accurate? Do you believe that your opponent’s response can’t possibly be right? Don’t be shy, you can challenge any of the other players’ answers. Good luck and may your words flow swiftly to your fingertips!

We’re always excited to hear from you! Please let us know if you have any feedback or questions.

Email us at: icallstop@ogangi.com
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