Reached #2 Educational Game in China store.

Hint: If you have a iPad, maybe you should take a look to iCalc24 HD Edition which supports two players fighting head-to-head in one iPad — So Exciting!

iCalc24 is a lovely puzzle game for both kids and adults sharpening their minds with fun.
The game rule is simple: given four numbers between 1 to 13, find a formula to get result as 24 using all four numbers with +-*/ and ().
For example: if the four numbers are 13, 7, 3, 5, then (7+(5*13))/3=24 is a solution.

Features of Basic Version
*Single player mode
*Global and local Leaderboards
*OpenFeint social gaming network Integration(Support Achievements and Playing Challenge and so on) and GameCenter support
*Autosave when terminated or get a call
*In Application Purchase to unlock to Full Version if you like iCalc24

Additional Features of Full Version
*Two more challenging play levels: Medium and Hard
*Two player fight mode through WI-FI
* Support Send/Play Challenge
*Coach mode to help you improve skill
* no advertisement

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